As all things happen…they happen for a reason.  The birth of the Foodie Follower occurred over a year ago.  Due to the struggles of work, schedules, relationships, etc.  My partner and I decided to create simply a date night.  To get out, to be together, to enjoy ones company…and where do we find those enjoyments…in Food – both being interested in culinary and from different backgrounds.  During one of our date night meals, I brought up the fact that I was not happy with this or thought that could be done better, etc. etc..and presto, The Foodie Follower was born….

For over a year, my postings were on my facebook page with campy critiques of our culinary escapades.  And how fitting to call my readers, my Foodie Followers.  I, of course, am known for my Ketel One martinis, shook ice cold, served up, one olive and sans vermouth.  Al enjoys a variety of local beers from breweries all over the area and world.  He will be very daring and go out on a limb and try something he’s not familiar with drinking.  On a very rare occasion, I will deviate from my “ususal” to a beer or a speciality cocktail…not often, though.

So join us as we dine near and far, blogging our experiences, both good and bad…It will be an adventure we can share together, one bite at a time….Bon Appetit!


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