Vesti la giubba… Victor Cafe in South Philly!

Hello my Foodie Followers…Tonight, Al and I celebrated the 30th anniversary of a very dear couple, Lawrence and Margo Mays.  When asked to assist them in finding a romantic venue with Italian food…I thought of Victor Cafe! ( located in South Philly at 13th Street and Dickinson Street.  Well known for beautifully sung arias and grand opera by the serving staff, bartenders, and support staff. We arrived at 7:30 (with a reservation) and were seated shortly afterwards.  The place was packed and music was in the air.  The host navigated us to our table and our server, Tommy, was quick to greet us.  Water and homemade bread with pesto dipping oil was served. Our cocktail order was taken and our party discussed food options.  Lawrence had a Jack and coke, Margo had a Tom Collins, I had the usual and Al had a Moretti beer.  We decided on clams casino, served in the shell with a mixture of pepper, bacon, bread crumbs and delicious clam.  We also ordered the caprese salad, three nice mozzarella slices over tomato with a pesto drizzle to share as appetizers (we had a cheese and charcuterrie plate at the apartment before hand).  For our entrees, Margo had the butternut squash gnocchis in a light cream sauce.  Served in a pasta bowl with fresh grated parmesan cheese. Lawrence had the shrimp and scallops over linguine in a delicious red sauce.  Al had the calamari over linguine in a fra diablo sauce and had another Moretti beer. and I had the filet mignon, medium rare, served with broccholi rabe and little potatoes.  Everyone enjoyed their entrees and each plate was empty by the end of our night.  Desserts, graciously donated by “the big guy”, were sweet and scrumptious.  Lawrence had two servings of spumoni with mini cannolis, Margo had the creme brulee, Al had the warm chocolate cake, that oozed decadent chocolate “lava”  and I had the lemon sorbet with a limoncello.  The lemon sorbet was served in a hallowed out lemon, frozen and filled with the sorbet.  Everything was delicious, served in a comfortable time, great singing by the staff and great company made for a fabulous evening.  I award Victor Cafe 4.25 out of 5 Diva Crowns!  Bon Appetit! 

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