La Scala on 7th and Chestnut

Hello My Foodie Followers….tonight we dined at La Scala, located at 7th and Chestnut, on the outskirts of the gayborhood and almost in Olde City/Society Hill.  Although a touristy area, I enjoy the local restaurants in the neighborhood.  We arrived around 7pm with a reservation and were seated immediately by the host.  Our server, Christian, was quick to bring us water and to take our cocktail order.  I, in usual fashion, had my usual martini.  Al ordered a Samuel Adams – Winter Lager.  A  bread basket with accompaniments arrived moments later. Warm bread, olive oil/balsamic with a wad of butter.   My cocktail arrived, at best luke warm.  The server seeing my disdain with my beverage, graciously, took it back for a heartier shake.  It arrived back, chilled properly.  Christian, then took our order.  A variety of menus were offered.  I chose the chef’s menu – Three options, pre fixe…I started with the cheeseboard (mahon reserve, a smokey blue, and an asiago) served with a quince jam and spiced apples. For my entree, I had the petite filet with a mushroom and demi glaze and a gnocchi in a light marinara. For dessert, I had the lemon creme Italian cake.  Let’s take each item individually….the cheeseboard was nicely created, though, lacking a crunch breads, crostinis, or crackers.  Our server did bring over a few slices of grilled bread.   The entree – the filet was beautiful, although over cooked.  I ordered a medium rare and got medium, at best.  It was tender and tasty, but still over cooked. I will say the steak had a wonderful smoked flavor one would receive from an open grill.  Added to that was a healthy helping of gnocchi in a light marinara.  I don’t understand how the two items connected..One had a brown demi glaze with grilled mushrooms and the other was in a marinara.  The dessert was tasty and sweet, but had a raspberry drizzle over it.  Being the cake was a lemon creme, I was unsure why they would put a raspberry drizzle.  A lemon drizzle would have been more appealing to magnify the lemon creme in the cake.  Al had for his menu – the restaurant week menu.  He started with a eggplant rolotini, followed by a salmon over wilted spinach and roasted potatoes and for dessert he had the nocello, which was a sunday style ice cream treat.  We will take each of these items individually, too.  The eggplant rolotini was delightful.  Delicate and cheesy with a light marinara.  For his entree, the salmon was a tad overcooked, the spinach was tasty and bold, the potatoes were potatoes.  For his dessert, he had the Nocello, traditionally an Italian walnut liquoure, this was served as an ice cream dessert with brownie chunks and walnuts with a chocolate and nocello drizzle.  I will admit each item was good in their own way, but as a dish, I feel it missed the goal. I am not positive about this, but maybe due to restaurant week, the menu was a tad less than exciting.  Although one would think a restaurant would put it’s best foot first for a dining week.  I award La Scala 3 out of 5 Diva Crowns…Bon Appetit!  

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