A night at Han Dynasty…..

Hello my Foodie Followers…tonight we dined at Han Dynasty – Olde City (www.handynasty.net) located in the beautiful corn exchange building on Chestnut Street at 2nd Street.  We arrived a tad early and went to the bar to wait for our table.  The Jordan’s (Al’s sister and brother in law) joined us for dinner.  The hostess told us our table would be ready in a few minutes.  Sadly, she was quite mistaken and our wait, with a reservation, was much longer than expected.  Finally, we were seated and our server, Ryan, was quick to greet us.  He took our drink order and water was brought over.  I had the usual.  Al and Paul both had beers, dogfish 60 and an Allagash white draft.  Stacy sipped a pinot grigio.  We ordered our appetizers and entrees.  Ryan informed us of the Han Dynasty heat index and guided us through our selections.  Stacy and Paul shared a Dan Dan noodle dish.  I ordered the pickled vegetables and pork soup and Al ordered the wontons in chile oil.  All the items had a good heat index but Stacy and Paul’s appetizer was the hottest.  Next our entrees arrived.  A second round of cocktails were served.  I had the beef in garlic sauce with a medium heat index.  Stacy had the fish in a hot broth mild index.  Paul and Al both had dry pot dishes.  One was lamb and one was shrimp.  Al went 10 on heat index.  I tried one of his shrimp, delicious and quite spicy, but not overwhelming.  Everyone tasted each other’s dishes and all of them were good.  Each had a different heat index and each index affected us differently.  No desserts were available.  The entire meal was scrumptious and inviting.  Each heat index had it’s own level of heat and spice.  I strongly recommend talking to your server about the heat index before ordering.  Ryan was incredibly knowledgeable on the heat index and kept us where we needed to be.  He was great with his suggestions and explained each item as we ordered it.  Outside of the snooty hostess, the dining experience was excellent.  I award Han Dynasty 4 out of 5 Diva Crowns!  Bon Appetit!  

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