Stella Rossa…..A new Philadelphia Star!

Hello my Foodie Followers…tonight we dined at Stella Rossa ( located in the gayborhood area on Walnut Street at 10th Street.  We arrived a few minutes before our reservation and met a large group of people waiting for tables.  Luckily, we did have a reservation.  The host took our name and had to repeat my full name twice…being flirty.  We were seated in the main room across from the bar and were greeted by Jackie, our server.  She took our drink order and served us a bread basket with olive oil and spices for dipping.  I had the usual and Al had a Pint of Allagash White Beer.  Water was also brought over.  Jackie returned to take our food order.  For appetizers, I had the pear salad with candied walnuts, gorgonzola, mixed bitter greens and fresh slices of pear dressed with a balsamic reduction.  The greens were amazing, the pear was sweet and crisp and the gorgonzola was creamy and delicious.  Al had an antipasta with mozzarella and tomatoes, olives, greens and flatbreads.  His appetizer was large in size and could have fed two persons.  He took the balance home.  A second round of drinks were ordered and our entrees arrived.  I had the gnocchi with a vodka rosa gravy instead of the bolognese that it was supposed to come with….not fond of bolognese.  Al had the eggplant parm over spaghetti.  I loved the gnocchi and the gravy was light and full flavored.  The gnocchis were airy and delicate. The portion was great.  Al thought the eggplant parm was good.  He thought the spaghetti was overkill, as did I.  For desserts, Al had a glass of port and I had a limoncello.  We also ordered a nutella cup and a tiramisu cup.  Served in double shot glasses..just enough dessert to feel good without feeling overly filled.  We had this type at another restaurant and was very impressed by the size.  The space was great, the room was full of energy.  Our server, Jackie, was delightful, although a little overwhelmed at times.  My entree ordered originally came out wrong and was quickly replaced and brought back out.  I think the food, drinks and ambiance was better than average.  I think the place being new needs to tighten up on service, although we really liked our server.  I award Stella Rossa 4 out of 5 Diva Crowns.  Bon Appetit!

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