Mertitage….a dining experience off Rittenhouse Square

Hello my Foodie Followers….Tonight we dined at Meritage Restaurant (  We arrived on time after walking through Rittenhouse Square for a 7pm reservation.  Our host was quick to seat us and our server, Kuanie, arrived only a moment later.  The ambiance was different with a dance style music playing in the background.  The room was too dark for my taste.  Our server, Kuanie, had a good understanding of the menu and offered her favorite items for assistance.  Choice of water was offered and our drink order was taken.  Al had a Victory Hopdevil and I had the usual.  Homemade bread was served and our order was taken.  For starters, I had the Foie Gras Ravioli, Maitake mushrooms, butternut squash, pickled apple, burgundy truffle butter.  Al had the Kimichi fritters.  We shared both items.  The ravoli was tasty, but being fried, I think it lost something with the foie gras.  The kimichi fritters were deep fried and tasty.  I think it needed a little something more…more spice?  a sauce?  something….  A second round of drinks arrived.  For entrees, I had a very unexpected item. I had the kobe meatloaf, served with a sauteed spinach and mashed potatoes.  Not a big fan of mashed potatoes, I gave them to Al and he gave me his cheddar polenta.   The meatloaf was delicious and the spinach was cooked perfectly.  Al had the Kaffir lime Curry KFC (Korean fried chicken), smoked cheddar polenta.  As I stated earlier, we swapped our starches.  Also, Al did not get the sesame slaw.  It was substituted for a sauteed kale.  For dessert, we opted for savory over sweet and ordered the cheese plate. An assortment of 3 Cheeses, grilled baguette, truffled honey, pickled beets, and slices of crisp apples.  I had a grappa with the cheese plate.  Overall the food items were tasty and creative.  The plates were small and you did not feel stuffed after eating.  I suggest a couple of small plates or one bite items along with your entree.  I award Meritage 3.75 Diva Crowns out of 5.  Bon Appetit! 

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