Winfield’s – in the heart of Millville’s Art District

Hello my Foodie Followers….Tonight we traveled outside of our center city Philadelphia comfort zone and journeyed to Millville located in South Jersey.  With a rebirth in the arts, Millville’s downtown art district is busy with activities.  We dined at Winfield’s Restaurant ( located in the heart of the downtown.  We arrived around 7pm, to a full restaurant, and were seated by Jackie, who also was our server.  She took our drink order, brought a homemade bread basket (with creamy butter and an olive oil/balsamic herb dipping bowl), and told us the specials for the evening.  Winfield’s menu is not huge, but offers something for everyone, from pasta or seafood to beef, veal or chicken.  They also have a risotto menu.  We started with cocktails.  I had the usual, of course, and Al had a GLS Peroni beer.  The bread was delicious.  Soft center, chewy crust…doesn’t get much better.  For an appetizer, we shared the bacon wrapped shrimp.  It arrived on a large rectangular plate, although thin, but seemed a tad too large for the serving.  Three delicious wrapped shrimp in crispy bacon, wedges of avocado?? and two strips of sesame seeded bacon??.  Not sure how they all connected…every bite was tasty, but it didn’t make sense to me. Basically it looked kind of silly.   Our entrees came with a salad choice (house garden or caesar).  We both opted for the caesar salad.  They were fresh, served with parmesan cheese slivers and crunchy croutons.  The dressing was homemade.  It was good, although we couldn’t taste anchovy in the dressing and it did need salt.  Again, caesar salad is caesar salad.  Next, we had our entrees.  Al had the Shrimp and Swordfish with a side of house risotto.  It was served with a light sauce.  It was a full dish and certainly not leaving one hungry.  I had the crab cake with seasonal grilled veggies and a side of rice pilaf instead of the potato.  The dark wild rice was good but a bit over the top.  Large chunks of butternut squash, onion and mushrooms seemed to overtake the rice.  I would have preferred a tad less of the veggies a little more rice, nonetheless, it was tasty.  The crab cakes were round and had the image of a hockey puck, lots of crab and broiled.  No stuffing or breading made for a very crabby cake.  The seasonal veggies were quickly sauteed in olive oil and garlic and served al dente.  For desserts, I had the tartufo and Al had the house gelato.  The desserts were a bit of a disappointment to me.  The tartufo was very generic tasting and I would definitely not order it again.  The house gelato was more like ice cream then gelato, although it did taste good.  The atmosphere was pleasant.  and our server, Jackie, was delightful. We finished dinner and walked out an hour and 45 minutes later.  The place was empty when we left.  The experience was pleasant, the food was satisfactory, not delicious and certainly not unappetizing.  The most disappointing part of the meal was the desserts.  I think they fell very short of that perfect sweetness needed at the end of a good meal.  I award Winfield’s 3.25 out of 5 Diva Crowns.  Bon Appetit! 

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