Dandelion – Good Friends, Good Food, and a server named Liz…in an English pub

Hello my Foodie Followers…Tonight we are doing a repeat due to having friends in town, Larry and Margo May’s joined us for Philadelphia Fun.   We dined at Dandelion (www.thedandelionpub.com).   After an incredibly long walk all round the city of brotherly love, we found ourselves in Rittenhouse Square and strolling to Dandelion for tasty libations and scrumptious nibbles.  We arrived around 5:30 (I secretly had made a reservation) and although a touch early were seated in an upstairs private cubicle.  Although in the middle of the restaurant, it felt completely isolated and private.  I recommend a party of 4 or more to ask for this seating…Liz are server was quick to bring over fizzy water and flat water.  She also took our beverage order.  I had a bramble, a delicious summer drink, Al had an Ommegang beer and the May’s had Luscombe sodas (cranberry and a ginger beer).  Liz then returned and took our appetizer order.  I had the chicken/duck liver parfait on homemade savory biscuits, Al had the heirloom tomato salad, Margo enjoyed the homemade ricotta cheese spread, and Larry ordered the deviled eggs.  We all tasted each other’s choices.  The parfait is a house special and one of Philly’s best….if you choose this item, I would recommend ordering it with the biscuits vs the texas toast.  The heirloom tomato salad was a simple salad, but amazingly delicious, served with an aged balsamic, virgin olive oil, a sprinkle fresh basil and sea salt.  The savory homemade ricotta cheese spread was served with crusty sourdough bread.  It was served in a shallow crock with olive oil and herbs.  The deviled eggs were spiced with curry, paprika, and cayenne pepper.    After the appetizers arrived, Liz was quick to return to take our entree orders and continued to refill our fizzy water and take our cocktail order again.  I had the usual and Al ordered a Duchess De Bourgogne beer.  The May’s were content with their specialty sodas.  For our entrees, the May’s each ordered the fish and chips, Al had the lamb shepherd’s pie, and I had the sea scallops.  The fish and chips were crispy and tasty.  The lamb shepherd’s pie was served in a round crock.  Al described it simply as wonderful.  I had the sea scallops, served with fresh spring peas, a couple gnocchis, asparagus, and a wilted lettuce chervil sauce.   The scallops had a great sear on them and maintained their consistency.  The wilted lettuce chervil sauce was rich and savory.  A couple of perfectly cooked gnocchis added a great starch to compliment the plate.  For desserts, I had a glass of sherry.  I had ordered the manzanilla but was able to have it since the state of PA had held up their order.  Liz substituted it with another one in house.  It was a tad overly sweet and had a sugar residue remains in the bottom of the glass…after being told it was the end of the bottle, Liz on her own took it off the bill.  Larry ordered a fig tart in a pistachio crust garnished with fresh figs and orange creme fraiche ice cream.  Margo had the chocolate cake, and Al had the coffee sponge cake and espresso ice cream.  I tasted the pistachio crust fig tart.  It was scrumptious.  The orange creme fraiche ice cream was not overly sweet and creamy.  The espresso ice cream was delightful, rich and flavorful.  The sponge cake was simply divine.  An amazing dinner with good friends and an amazing server.  Ask for Liz when you dine at Dandelion.  She will take great care of you, trust me on that one!  I award Dandelion 4.75 out of 5 Diva Crowns!  Bon Appetit!

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