Smokin Betty’s…..A BBQ experience

Hello My Foodie Followers…tonight we dined at Smokin Betty’s ( located in Midtown Village aka The Gayborhood.  We arrived around 7pm…Our hostess sat us in the upstair area by the windows.  Our server, Eddie, a tall hipster was quick to tell us the daily specials and took our drink order.  I had the usual and Al ordered a Nectar Ales Red beer.  We ordered the appetizer special to share.  It was a triple crab cake slider with pickled veggies, a tangy remoulade sauce, and greens.  The appetizer idea worked, although I was not necessarily happy with the greens.  They were very bitter and the appetizer in whole lacked something sweet to break the bitterness.  The crab cake, itself, was tasty and the remoulade sauce was savory.  The roll the sliders were served on, in my opinion, were unnecessary and would have been more appetizing as mini crab cakes sans the roll.  It was overly doughy and heavy. A second round of drinks arrived.   For our entrees, Al ordered the turkey reuben on marbled rye, fries, and a caesar salad.  The sandwich looked tasty, full and filling.  The french fries appeared limp and flaccid.  The caesar salad was as expected, not special or interesting.  I ordered the half grilled chicken with the dry spice rub.  My entree came with creamy cole slaw and grilled veggies.  The chicken was good..a little dry, but still good overall.  The cole slaw must be a house special, as it is served on many items.  It was creamy, sweet and delicious.  The grilled veggies were large and rustic.  Reminded me of Viking food.  I think the veggies would have been more appetizing had they been cut thinner.  Overall, the meal was good.  The flavors were tasty and inviting.  We award Smokin Betty’s a 3.5 out of 5 Diva Crowns.  Bon Appetit!

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2 Responses to Smokin Betty’s…..A BBQ experience

  1. Jen says:

    I would like to know what Al thought of the Nectar Ale? Also, don’t you think Cesar salads have had their day? Really, what can be done to make them more than they are. Give me a nice brussel sprout salad any day. That can really hold it’s own with ales. Cesar’s are more for the white wine crowd, which I’m thinking Al is not a member of. Also, FF, do you think some pickled ginger would have broken the bitterness of the crab cake?
    Thanks for helping us make good decisions as we navigate the world of Philly Phood!

  2. The Foodie Follower says:

    Dear Jen…I must admit, I really do enjoy a good caesar salad. I just don’t think the one last night was special in anyway. It was a run of the mill caesar salad. Boring croutons, etc. I have had some great brussel sprout salads, with crispy thick cuts of bacon and a good parmesan cheese, fried in a pan…As for the Nectar Ale, Al thought it tasted similiar to a Killian’s Red. He would not add it to a list of his favorite beers. As a fan of ginger, pickled ginger may have helped. Although, I feel they could simply remove the bitter greens that caused the bitterness. The crab cake, itself, was tasty. Sometimes I think we try too hard to make something more than it is originally. Why do we need to change or attempt to elevate something that already works fine? I understand the need to improve, grow, etc. But sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone! Thanks for your comment as we continue to explore the world of culinary delights, One bite at a time! All the best, FF

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