Eulogy Belgium Bar – A praise of food?

Hello my Foodie Followers….tonight we dined at Eulogy ( located in the club district of Olde City Philadelphia.  Eulogy is defined as “as a speech or writing in praise of something or someone; often used a funerals or wakes”.  Well…we will work with it.  We arrived on time at 6:40pm and found our way to the dining area.  Upon arriving, we were seated and brought menus.  Very casual environment.  Lindsay, our server, took our drink order and food order at the same time.  I had the usual and Al had a delirium tremens beer.  For beginnings, we both ordered a salad.  I had the mozzarella and tomato, served over greens with roasted peppers and a balsamic reduction.  I thought the dressing was overdone.  Al had the calamari salad over greens with a thai chili vinaigrette.  Al and I both thought the vinaigrette made the fried calamari a bit soggy, although the calamari was cooked perfectly.  For our entrees, Al had the exotic trio of house made sausages.  His trio included a rabbit, boar and venison sausage over mashed potatoes with carrots served with a great sauce. He thought the boar sausage was the best.  I had the Belgium fish and chips, served with a remoulade dipping sauce and malt vinegar.  A second round of drinks were served.  I thought the fish was done properly, not overly greasy.  The frites were crisp.    Al finished his dinner with a Rogue double mocha beer.  Our neighboring table had a fly land in her beer.  The waitress was not overly concerned and showed no compassion to their plight.  Al had a bug crawl up the back of his neck.  Thankfully, the other neighboring table swatted it off.  The place reminded me of a fraternity house, a bit dark and dingy.  The food items were fair, at best.  The drinks were better.  I award Eulogy a 2.5 out of 5 Diva Crowns.  Bon Appetit!  

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4 Responses to Eulogy Belgium Bar – A praise of food?

  1. Kevin says:

    I once went to a wedding in the country at the request of my first wife (a friend of hers from college was getting married). The church appeared quaint enough from the outside however when we pulled up, a swarm of tiny black bugs flew into the car through the vents; we were covered and getting them off of us was painstaking. During the ceremony, I spotted a spider moving at our feet and a wasp flew overhead simultaneously. It was then that I noticed that the family in front of us was also draped in the tiny black bugs. I began laughing to myself quietly until I saw a giant ant emerge on the back of the man’s neck who was seated in front of me (I did not swat it off). I lost it. I laughed so hard and loud that I interrupted the wedding. The priest continued to speak, but the focus was no longer on the bride and groom.

    Delirium Tremens is cliche, the double mocha sounds worth a try though.

    There is nothing worse than a disgusting experience at a restaurant – 2.5 crowns, come on FF, hold their feet to the fire!!!

    • Dear Kevin…Thank you for your charming insect story…I can only imagine if we had experienced something as severe. The food items were good. Al did enjoy his exotic sausage trio and have to admit the fish and chips were not greasy. My martini was larger than usual and the beer selection was stellar. So I did want to rate fairly. Now…the bug problem was not pleasing, nor was the 1980’s frat house look. I may have been a little generous with the rating….Thank you for the observations! And I hope you continue to follow us…one bite at a time! FF

  2. Al says:

    At the risk of calling F. F. a food elitist, I feel he’s being slightly unfair to Eulogy. The restaurant was in the image of old Europe, bugs included. The beer was very good, and both of our beverages were fairly priced. The food was bar type food; but again the fish and chips were crisp, and the boer sausage was amazing. I have to admit the atmosphere was ‘frat-rowdy’ but I think that added to the whole atmosphere.

    • Dear Al…Thank you for your additional comments. Sadly, I must disagree with some of your points. Old Europe or New Europe, bugs are simply not acceptable. I will agree with the food preparations. The sausages were tasty looking, the fish was crisp and not greasy, and the price point was acceptable. I will also say Eulogy had one of the most extensive beer menus I’ve had the opportunity to review, to date. Thank you for following! All the best! FF

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