A mid-summer Harvest….

Good evening my Foodie Followers….Tonight we dined at Harvest Seasonal Grill and Bar in University City on the Penn Campus (www.harvestseasonalgrill.com).  We arrived a few minutes late due to a wild SEPTA ride that took us out of our way.  The hostess was gracious and sat us upon arrival.  Christine, our server, was at our table within moments asking us if we had dined with them before, if she could talk about the menu, cocktails, etc.  We ordered cocktails and she went to get us ice cold water.  I had the watermelon lemonade martini and Al had a Victory summer ale.  My cocktail was ok.  It was lacking in flavor.  I think it needed additional lemonade mix or a touch of something sweet.  Al was not overly impressed with his beer.  They do not serve a bread basket, but have homemade flatbreads on the menu.  I strongly recommend getting one of them.  We ordered their house flatbread, called the Harvest flatbread, with asiago cheese. I also recommend ordering the flatbread with your appetizers.  For our appetizers, I chose the charcuterie tasting and Al had the crab & Shrimp cocktail.  The charcuterie plate was on the larger side and was served with a hand selection of assorted meats, salamis and pate accompanied with cornichons, crostini, and very spicy full grain mustard.  This is where the flatbread was nice to add to the charcuterie.  It was exactly what you would expect on a charcuterie plate.  The pate was creamy and rich and served on the right style of bread (crostini).  Al had the crab & shrimp cocktail.  The presentation was beautiful and colorful.  Everything sat on levels with a tomato gazpacho on the bottom, a crab and avocado spread in the middle and two beautiful shrimp poached in white wine on top.  The crab and avocado spread was fresh and tasty.  Al was quite pleased with his selection.  Again the portion was generous.  I ordered my usual cocktail not being overly impressed with my first. Our entrees came next (still waiting for the my 2nd cocktail) I had the pan roasted shrimp.  It was presented beautifully with a Summer Vegetables, Israeli Couscous, colorful Yellow Tomato Coulis, Basil Pesto with 5 or 6 beautiful shrimp on top.  Every bite was as good as the one before.  The portion was more of an appetizer size, although I was happy that I had ordered the charcuterie plate as an appetizer.  Al had the fish tacos with blackened mahi mahi, jicama slaw, tomatillo salsa, guacamole, baked tortillas, lime Cilantro, and Sour Cream.  His portion was generous in size.  Upon completion of our entrees, Christine arrived and told me they had run out of Ketel One Vodka…so I changed it to Grey Goose Vodka and the cocktail finally arrived.  To complete our meal, Christine brought over a dessert tray. I ordered the key lime and Al ordered the banana cream.  The dessert was presented in little cups approximately the size of a double or triple shot glass.  Perfect for those who like a light palate cleansing.  They were about a four bite dessert.  The key lime cream was delightful, tart and creamy.  The bottom had graham cracker crumbs which was ok.  I thought a better crust could have been used.  Al said his was what he expected and thought it was good.  I commented to our server that I thought the dessert portion was perfect as I’m not a big dessert eater.  I think Al would have liked more of his dessert.  Arriving home, I noticed they had not charged us for the desserts and now not sure if it was a mistake, a comp due to the slow cocktail or included…Overall our dining experience was pleasant.  I enjoyed all of my selections with exception of the first cocktail.   Al liked all of his selections with exception of his beer.  He also prefers hard shell tacos to soft shell tacos and the menu did not differentiate.  I award Harvest 3.75 Diva Crowns out of 5.  Bon Appetit!  

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One Response to A mid-summer Harvest….

  1. Al says:

    Disappointed in the beer, it was very ‘meh’. The tacos were good and a little tart, my muse is telling me that’s because of the jicama. The restaurant/meal did leave me vaguely unsatisfied but I can’t pinpoint why.

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