English Pub in Urban Philadelphia – The Dandelion

 Hello My Foodie Followers…tonight we dined at The Dandelion (www.thedandelionpub.com) located in the trendy Rittenhouse Square neighborhood on South 18th Street.  We arrived at 7:15pm and were seated immediately in the bar area next to a great open window.  It was cool and comfortable.  Our server, Alex, was quick to bring over water and a great bread basket.  He came back and took our drink order.  I had a Bramble – a vodka summer drink with mint, lemons and blackberries.  Al had started with a Wee Heavy Scottish Beer.  I always like to taste his beer and it was full bodied and woody.  It was quite tasty.  We ordered appetizers and our entrees.  I started with a chicken and duck liver parfait served with candied onions and cornichons.  It was served with a “texas style toast” which I was not interested.  I asked for a cracker selection as I enjoy a crunch factor with the creamy, rich, delicacy of the mousse.   The mousse was amazing…a definite must try for anyone who enjoys a good fois gras.  Al ordered the marinated olives.  They were served warm in a light dressing.  I was not overly excited about the temperature of the olives but enjoyed the marinade.  Al was not excited about the marinade but enjoyed the temperature.  A second round of drinks were served.  I had another Bramble and Al had a 2007 Prize Old Ale Beer from George Gale and Co from the UK.  It had a “wine” taste to me and after speaking with Alex, our server, it is close to a barley wine.  For our entrees, Al had the braised celery, served with parmesan bechamel, royal oyster mushrooms, pickled walnuts and honey crisp apples.  What can one say…braised celery..it was plain, somewhat boring and simply uneventful.  On a high note, it would have been better served as a salad instead of an entree.  It did have some good flavors and one bite I had reminded me of thanksgiving dinner stuffing.  For my entree, I had traditional fish and chips served with ketchup, tartar sauce and malt vinegar.  It was exactly what you would expect, a sizable crispy fish fillet, a vessel of fries and sauces for dipping.  Although a fried fish, it was not greasy at all.  One a low note (from my taste only I’m not a big potato eater)  the fries could have been a tad crispier and thinner in size..Al thought they were perfect as presented.  I had a double espresso for dessert and Al ordered a raspberry jelly and cream.  It was a raspberry gelatin, layered with chantilly English cream, topped with a raspberry mousse and fresh raspberries.  He sipped a Dow’s LBV Port with his dessert.  I was not overly thrilled with the dessert.  The raspberry mousse was good.  But i’m not big on creamed desserts and the gelatin was not my taste.  Al seemed to enjoy it overall.  The Dandelion was fun and youthful, a little louder than I would normally like, but not horrible.  The server, Alex, was incredibly knowledgeable on the menu and especially on the beers.  He was the kind of server you want when trying food items you may not be familiar.  I recommend asking for him when you try The Dandelion.  All my food items were A+.  I was not overly impressed with any of Al’s items, although I think he enjoyed them.  I will award The Dandelion a 4 out of 5 Diva Crowns!  Bon Appetit!



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6 Responses to English Pub in Urban Philadelphia – The Dandelion

  1. Al says:

    What can you say about braised celery? Ugh!

  2. Al,

    Nothing, plain and simple….it’s celery!

    Bon Appetit! FF

  3. S. Allen Holmes says:

    Not bad marketing by the Dandelion, putting a couple of hunks in the window to draw in some lovelies – like a moth to the flame. That Bramble sounds really refreshing, might try to make my own. Here is my question: what is Al doing ordering braised celery? As a follower of this blog, I think it’d be smart to opt for okay cauliflower before requesting that stuff. I’d like to know what was going through Al’s mind when he uttered the words, “braised celery”. Al, if you’re out there, please feel free to explain/defend yourself. Sounds like a mushy plate of yuck.

  4. Dear S. Allen…your words are very kind. The Bramble was tasty, a very summery drink, although a little sweeter than I normally like to drink. Note: I’m mostly a Ketel One vodka drinker, Shook cold, one olive, served up. As for Al and his braised celery…not sure why he ordered it except for the fact that he follows a “sort of” vegetarian diet. In defense of his order, it was not mushy…but did taste like the base for Grandma’s turkey stuffing. Thank you for reading and for being a dedicated Foodie Follower! All the best, Bon Appetit! FF

  5. Al says:

    Dear F.F. I’m not a vegetarian; I left that group a few months ago.
    Dear S. Allen I ordered it because nothing else on the menu really appealed to me, and I thought ‘Why the h*** not’. I now have an answer to that question.

  6. Jen says:

    Al, I have to go with S—head Allen on this one. Celery has two purposes, to enhance tuna and egg salads and to be the base for ‘ants -on-a-log”. (I also agree that the Bramble sounds uber-delish).
    Sorry to hear you left the vegetarian group, they could use all the help they can get. Wackos.
    Howsomever, even the most dedicated veg head knows not to order braised celery. But, it sounds as though you learned your lessen and will be sticking to bloodier fare from now on. Good on you.

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