Square Peg, Square Peg…on a Sunday afternoon

Hello My Foodie Followers…Again, due to bad work schedules, we did not do a Saturday dinner and review.  Instead, we did a Sunday brunch at Square Peg (www.squarepegrestaurant.com) located in the Jefferson neighborhood at 10th and Walnut.  We arrived casually and were greeted by the hostess and were escorted to our table in the upper seating area (great windows and light).  Our server, Kaitlin, saw us being seated and immediately greeted us, asking for our drink order.  We asked for a minute and she was off to fetch cold water while we choose our cocktails.  Al had to work, so he opted for a non alcolohic raspberry basil lemonade.  Bright and colorful.  I had the cucumber lemonade with mint and vodka.  Refreshing and light…We ordered an appetizer of deviled eggs, each with a different componenet.  They were served on a spicy aioli.  Interestingly, they served three halves..what happened to the fourth halve to make two full eggs??? This may never be known.  For our entrees, I had the Square Peg signature burger, very plain but tasty. It was served with fries or a side green salad.  I opted for the side green salad.  I am not sure why an establishment would label an item on the menu with their name if it had no overly exciting element?  Basically it was a plain burger with lettuce and tomato..no complaints but not signature worthy.  Al had the veggie burger with fries.  Seeing he ordered fries, I was quick to snatch a few..nom nom nom.  The experience was very plain, uneventful and not necessarily special.  Square Peg has been in the neighborhood for a year or two.  We did attend the opening and I think it was better when it opened.  Nothing was bad…but nothing was overly noteworthy or special either.  I award Square Peg 3 out of 5 Diva Crowns!   Bon Appetit!

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6 Responses to Square Peg, Square Peg…on a Sunday afternoon

  1. Zach B. says:

    I always wondered how the square peg was… i have never eaten there because i am,well, kind of a round whole sort of fellow. I did not think I would fit in. I would not be suprised if “Kaitlin”, if that is her real name, snagged the fourth half egg and enjoyed it. When you said you that you snatched the fries, it reminded me of another blog I read from time to time: The Food Vulture

  2. Dear Zach….no worries on Square Peg…everyone fits in…LOL @ the Kaitlin comment and the snagging of the egg..gave us a real chuckle…I suggest you go forth and enjoy…One bite at a time! Bon Appetit! FF

  3. Square Peg Anonymous says:

    Maybe the reason the burger was plain was because you ate here less than a week before we closed up shop and we ran out of fixin’s. Long live the memory of the Square Peg and long live the Foodie Follower!

    • Dear Square Peg Anonymous….I was sad to hear Square Peg had shut down and you are probably correct in your deductions…Hopefully, we will find great things with the new owner/group coming in….until then, I will continue – One bite at a time! FF

  4. Hello FF! I really got a kick out of the missing deviled egg. Probably fell on the floor… those little devils sure are slippery. Or, it was a victim of a “taste test.” Either way, not good. Sorry to hear the Square Peg closed but, maybe the name did it in from the beginning! Fun blog, thanks for sharing….

    (a.k.a. GILDA)

  5. Jillian, welcome…you are now a Foodie Follower…they sure are slippery…although, I think someone else had the opportunity to taste test our order. Yes, sad to see them go…when they first opened, the meal was much better…oh well..another one bites the dust, not the egg! Fondly, FF

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