M Restaurant at the Morris House….a bar, restaurant and garden for dining

Hello My Foodie Followers….Tonight we dined at the M Restaurant located in the Morris House off of Washington Square (www.mrestaurantphilly.com).  We arrived before 7pm while the sun was still shining and had the hostess seat us in the garden.  Our server, Jason, explained the menu, told us the chef’s tasting offering, and told us the turbot had sold out (at 7pm and it wasn’t crowded??).  Water, bread and butter was brought over.  The bread was soft and chewy..not wonderful but ok.  Al ordered a Yards Brawler beer and i chose to sip water.  I ordered the charcuterie plate consisting of coppo, proscuito, and genoa with cornichons, grilled breads (same as the basket bread), and grainy mustard served on a butcher block (large portion). Al ordered the cheese plate with three seasonal cheeses.  Each had a schmear of different sauces. Beer was ordered yet to appear.  For our salad course, I ordered baby head lettuce with marinated onions, capers, black garlic and squid ink schmear, with a vinagarette.  The salad was not original or creative.  The black garlic squid ink schmear was lost on the plate.  On a higher note, it was tasty, the vinagarette was light and the onions tart.  Al ordered the exotic mushroom salad, a wide variety of different mushrooms, grilled, over wild greens.  As our salads were served, we did hint that the beer still had not and our server immediately fetched it.  For our entrees, I ordered the sirloin, medium rare, with haricot vert, leeks and a mushroom croquette.  The portion was small but prepared perfectly (thankfully the charcuterie plate was large) with a demi glaze.  Al ordered the scallop tartare with a malted barley yogurt, thai chile, jicama, and a taro chip < singular.  Towards the end of our experience, a young couple proposed marriage…We all clapped and applauded them.  Overall the experience was satisfactory.  In each service, we found items we liked and disliked.  I award M Restaurant 3.5 Diva Crowns out of 5.  Bon Appetit!

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3 Responses to M Restaurant at the Morris House….a bar, restaurant and garden for dining

  1. Lucy says:

    Hey Follower, our city ended up on CNN’s list of best beer cities.


    Can I make a request? Will you please take your brew-loving pal to one of the places listed in the article and review it? Do you have what it takes?

  2. Dear Lucy…Thank you for the article. I will definitely add them to our tastings. I will also share your request with my brew-loving pal.

  3. Marianne says:

    Took a look at the article, we’d be happy to go to one of the places with you when we are there next month. We could even help review!

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