Marmont Steakhouse…an Olde City Untraditional Steakhouse

Hello my Foodie Followers….Tonight we dined at Marmont Steakhouse and Bar (, an untraditional steakhouse and the only one located in the historic Olde City.  We strolled, what a beautiful night, down Chestnut Street and crossed over to Market, arriving slightly earlier than scheduled.  Our hostess seated us in a banquette corner with a view of the restaurant…The restaurant is older and needs to be updated. Sam, our server, immediately was there to tell us the specials of the evening and to take our drink order.  I had water, currently on a health detox, and Al had a PBC Walt Wit beer.  We ordered our appetizers/salads. A homemade bread basket was delivered with an herb butter.   Al ordered the mussels in a Belgian broth (Walt Wit Beer, herbs, shallots, celery, lemon-butter). I tasted his broth.  Nom Nom Nom.  I had a caesar salad, with a homemade dressing on the side.  Creamy, cheesy and delicious.  For our entrees, I ordered an 8oz filet, medium rare, with a side of sauteed broccolini.  The steak was perfectly cooked and presented.  Fork cuttable and tender.  The broccolini was lightly sauted and garlicy.  Every bite was perfect.  A second beer was served.  Al had the vegetable kabobs over mushroom risotto with a balsamic reduction.  Four nicely stacked kabobs.  The mushroom risotto was light and creamy.  Very tasty…For dessert, Al ordered the bananas foster.  I don’t eat no spoonful for me..that was ok too!  Although the restaurant is a bit dated looking, the food was worth every bite.  I award Marmont Steakhouse and Bar 4 Diva Crowns out of 5.  Bon Appetit!

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4 Responses to Marmont Steakhouse…an Olde City Untraditional Steakhouse

  1. Jessica says:

    Will you be sampling any hot browns this week-end? They are traditional food for the derby and I am looking for a place to get some while in Philly.

    • Kevin says:

      Never have had one of those outside the Bluegrass State. Tomatoes aren’t what they used to be, but the monray’ll do something strange to you.

      • Jen says:

        Amen. Once, in KY, we had hot browns made by a man in a sweaty t. Talk about hot and brown. Good times.
        Kev, could not agree more, nothin’ like a good “monray” to put it all in perspective.
        Go Hilltoppers!

  2. Dear Jessica….I looked around for “Derby” food in the center city area…didn’t see anything that would be classified as “hot browns”. Hope you find your hot browns in Philly! Thanks for reading….FF

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