The Farmer’s Cabinet…a harmony of Euro rustic and American urban

Hello My Foodie Followers…Saturday night we dined at The Farmer’s Cabinet ( located on the trendy Walnut Street just a few blocks from Washington Square.  We arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule and were seated immediately.  Eva, our server, was quick to greet us.  She took our drink order and told us the special(s) of the evening. Water was brought over to the table with a basket of homemade breads and butter.  I had the usual and Al had a Baltic Porter beer.  I tasted his beer and would describe it with a hint of cocoa and a touch smokey.  For our appetizer, we shared a chef’s plate of meats, cheeses, and pickles.  The plate had genoa salami, cappocollo, manchego, pecorino, Kirby chips and bourbon soaked apples.  Flat bread and mustards were added accompaniments.  I enjoyed the charcuterie plate, but I must say I was somewhat disappointed with the chef’s selection.  They make all their own sausages and meats (since I asked Eva directly) and we were simply given items found at any Italian deli.  I would have loved to see the duck sausage or the wild boar salami on the plate…oh well..not tonight.  A second round of cocktails were served.  We each had a salad.  Al had the arugula and cabbage salad.  He said it was dressed with a cherry vinagarette and it was a very clean salad with nothing to change the flavor.  He enjoyed it.  I had the grilled apple and endive salad with a little rosemary butter and chevre.  I found my salad to be delicious.  Great portion size, too!  For our entrees, I had the sea scallops with a wilted swiss chard, a delicate cream and pine nuts.  My entree was simply divine!  Every bite was as delicious as the one before it.  Al had spring pea ravoli with a balsamic reduction.  Although he is not fond of peas and does not usually order a pasta out, he said it was amazing.  His dish had an accompaniment of radish sprouts and carrots.  As everyone knows…I do not order dessert and today will not be an an exception, although Al did order the strawberry shortcake in a jar.  The dessert presentation was less than desirable and a little hokey.  I did take a spoonful to taste.  It was sweet and rich, a wonderful strawberry drizzle with nice chunks of fresh strawberry on a buttery pound cake.  The homemade whipped cream was sensational!  I found the meal overall to be delightful.  The menu was a little limiting with a much smaller choice selection for all items.  A fish entree would have been nice for non-meat eating patrons.  A hot soup would have also been a nice addition.  I am awarding The Farmer’s Cabinet 3.75 Diva Crowns out of 5!  Bon Appetit!

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2 Responses to The Farmer’s Cabinet…a harmony of Euro rustic and American urban

  1. Pete Dorsey says:

    Fish is meat.

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